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Mission and values

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Study Association Sefa

Our mission

As the study association of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam we work with a mission, explained in a golden circle.

  • Why
    • We inspire students to transcend, connecting them to their future.
  • How
    • We offer students an extensive network to explore and develop their capabilities, and introduce them to the world of business and economics.
  • What
    • We provide students a diverse portfolio of career events, social activities, academic intensification and international congregations. Furthermore, we provide active members the opportunity to participate in challenging committees in a social community.

Our values

Our cultural values serve as a compass for our actions. Sefa has defined six shared values for all Sefa members. These shared values are the fundamental beliefs, concepts and principles that underlie the culture of Sefa, and which guide decisions and behaviour of all Sefa members.

  • Ambitious
    • We have and expect a strong desire and determination to succeed
  • Approachable
    • The culture of Sefa creates an environment where people can easily talk to one another
  • Community
    • We communicate and act as a team, collectively setting and accomplishing goals
  • Trust
    • We value interpersonal trust and trust between institutions, intensifying our relationships
  • Professional
    • We always strive for the highest competence and result
  • Empowerment
    • Student have a lot of responsibility and freedom in our association