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General questions

The formal activities will all be held online due to COVID-19. Where the informal activities will take place will be announced later.
When you apply for several activities at the same time,  you need to specify a preference for one of the activities.
The standard dress code for the Sefa Career Week is Business Casual. However, some activities have a different dress code.  Please check the personalized activity page of the activity for which you have registered.
Most of the activities have a resume selection.  If you are placed on the waiting list it means that you still have a chance to be admitted. The committee will contact you when a spot opens.
Please contact the committee by sending an e-mail to


The application deadline is on the 6th of November at 23:59.
After the registration deadline, you will have one more day to sign up for activities.
You need to be logged in with your Sefa account to be able to register for the Sefa Career Week. Your nationality is registered on your Sefa account. Some of the activities are only open to Dutch students. These activities will not be shown if you are an international student. If you have any further questions, please contact the committee by sending an e-mail to
Your personalized schedule will be published on the 14th of November. Then you will also know if you have been admitted to an activity.
A resume selection will take place in almost all activities. The Sefa Career Week wants you to be assessed solely on your qualities and qualifications and not on your personal information.
The only thing you need to do is to remove all your personal information from your resume. Examples of personal information are your name, your e-mail address or a photo. If you need help anonymizing your resume, please contact the committee by sending an e-mail to
Yes you can, more than half of our activities will be held in English.
You can register for the Sefa Career Week as a bachelor and as a master student.
The Sefa Career Week is open for all UvA students, the only requirement is to be a member of Sefa. You can become a member of Sefa via this link.
No, unfortunately, it is not possible to register for the Sefa Career Week if you are not a UvA student.
Normal selection means that you will be selected based on your study progress (Bachelor/Master) or field of study. There will be no selection based on your resume for these activities.



We need your IBAN to collect the no show fine. The no show fine will be collected if you unsubscribe from an event less than 48 hours in advance.
Please send an email to and we will get in touch with you!
When you are unable to attend an activity, you can cancel for free as long as this is longer than 48 hours before the particular activity. If you cancel between 1 hour and 48 hours in advance, you will be held accountable to pay a fee of €20,-. If you do not show up without canceling your participation, a fee of €25,- will be charged.