PwC - Risk Assurance

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Wake up with some delicious breakfast while getting to know PwC and their employees better in a more informal setting! Besides gaining information on your self-brewed coffee, you have the possibility to ask PwC all your questions.

The convenience and luxury of a relaxing morning is brought into students’ homes since the breakfast will be delivered. To make the activity more interactive we can organize discussions, quizzes or you could also give a company presentation. So, there will be enough time to network with the students.

Note: Dutch address required for breakfast delivery.

Facts about PwC:
  • Headquarter Location: Amsterdam
  • Number of employees: 600
  • Which Branch do you classify yourselves as? Professional Services
  • What field of study are you interested in? Business Administration, Accountancy, Finance, Economics, Econometrics, etc.
  • In which phase should students be in? BSc and Msc
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