A presentation is the best way to get a first impression of a company. During a presentation the company provides you with information about their culture, career opportunities and activities. You also have the possibility to ask questions about the company. Especially when you are orientating on which company suits you best, you should definitely join a presentation!

Facts about Unlever:
  • Headquarter Location: Rotterdam (soon to be changed to London)
  • Number of employees: 155,000
  • Which Branch do you classify yourselves as? FMCG
  • In which phase should students be in? For internships, candidates should be still enrolled as students during the internships. For UFLP, candidates should already have a Master Degree by the time they are supposed to start the Traineeship programme.


A word from Unilever:

Working on a better future, every day.

That is the Unilever vision. We help people to feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and for others. Daily, millions of consumers worldwide choose for one of our many successful and strong brands, like Axe, Ben & Jerrys, Calvé, Dove, Knorr, OLA, Omo and Unox. With about 400 different brands, we are one of the world’s biggest producers of food, homecare and personal care products. We believe in the power of our brands to improve the quality of people’s lives. We also believe in doing what is good, for society and the environment.

Our vision acts as an inspiration and stimulant. Working at Unilever can be called a real adventure, as you are challenged continuously. With unpredictable consumers, financial proposals and logistical challenges. But also with unconditional customer loyalty, technical masterpieces and very important: a diversity of colleagues.

Working at Unilever means working together beyond country borders, disciplines and business units. It is an adventure, which inspires. It gives you a wide view on situations, leading to better and more creative ideas. And that leads to more innovation, results, progress and growth. This is essential to us, but also for you.

You learn a lot from different insights and you can share your knowledge and vision. You will get responsibilities from the start, including the accompanying budgets. You will get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to push boundaries to grow professionally and personally. Your own development is largely determined by yourself. We help you with this by offering extensive guidance on and off the job.

Develop into your best self. Get inspired by leaders and peers, and create life-shaping experiences for yourself. Be part of the most successful purpose-led business in the world. Be empowered to make a positive impact, by bringing your purpose into action.

Unilever. A better world. A better business. A better you.

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