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Sefa Active Members Day

Be the first committee to organise the Sefalympics!

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Active Members Day

This year the committee has organised the first the Sefa Active Members Day ever with the theme Sefalympics. For this committee you will need to organise a full day of activities. This years Active Members Day will be held at the Bijlmerbajes where we will have a special activity, and we will end the day with food, drinks and partying

This day is organised to thank all active members for their hard work for Sefa. We are already looking forward to the upcoming Active Members Day, so make sure to block your agenda on the 8th of June!

What can I learn as a committee member?

By participating in the Active Members Day committee you get to develop your organisational skills. Moreover you will learn how to organise a full event from start to end, and everything that comes with it. Lastly, you will have a great time with your committee and all other active members