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Master Career Club: Accountancy & Control

MCC Accountancy

Master Career Club: Accountancy & Control

Master Career Clubs aim to improve the social cohesion between students who are doing the same master degree. In addition, the Master Career Club prepares students for their career by organising several trainings, workshops, guest lectures and network drinks with companies. Master Career Clubs give you the opportunity to build on your professional network and to get in contact with your future employers.

As a Master Career Club: Accountancy & Control member you will organise:

  • Cases or inhouse days with companies
  • Social drinks with your fellow students
  • Informal network drinks with companies
  • Trainings in practical skills related to your field of study and preparation for job applications
  • Guest lectures by professionals

Contact us at mcc-ac@sefa.nl and join us on Facebook!

What can I learn as a committee member?

As a committee member of the Master Career Club: Accountancy & Control you will learn how to organise career and social events and everything that comes with it. You will also learn how to work together in an international team, and you will improve your skills based on the position within the team.

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