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Organize Sefa's first Speaker Event!

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Sefa Speaker Event

Sefa Speaker Event is a brand new event that will be organized for the first time this year! It is a one-day event that focuses on a specific theme that the committee will decide upon. The goal of this event is to look at the theme from different perspectives, so you send the public home with lots to think about. Possible activities for the event can be a panel discussion, multiple workshops and the main point of attention will be the speakers’ speeches. Do you think you can make the first-ever Sefa Speaker Event a success? Sign up for this new committee!

What can I learn as a committee member?

Together with four other committee members, you will organize this one-day event and ensure an interesting and varied program of the day. Depending on your position in the team, you will acquire startups to work with, develop a marketing campaign or manage the budget of Sefa Speakers Event. You will develop your organizational and professional skills while working in a business environment.




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