Social Mentors

Help and guide first-year students in their transition to university

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Do you want to help and guide our new first-year students in their transition to the University, while developing new skills? Together with a co-mentor you supervise a group of first-year students and keep in touch with them. The size of this group depends on the number of students that register.

Being a mentor means that:

  • You get the chance to meet new students from all over the world
  • You are partially responsible for the well being of their students
  • You are responsible for properly supervising your group in the first semester
  • You are committed to your group

The benefits of being a social mentor:

  • The experience is a good addition to your CV
  • You will receive compensation from the UvA
  • You develop coaching and leadership skills
  • You receive a training from a professional company
  • You can request a letter of recommendation from the Economics and Business Recruitment Office that you can use to register your Exchange or internship
  • You will be invited for a drink with all other mentors at the end of the mentor period, where you will also receive a thank you gift