We are Careibu. Let’s explain: a caribu is a reindeer. They live together in large packs, that’s how they take care of each other. Similar to our pack! We write Careibu with an e because we believe that everyone needs extra help sometimes. And who can offer that help? Our pack of students!

Our mission is to connect all generations in society. Get into contact with seniors, families, or people who – for different reasons – need a bit of support. Together, this is how we can solve loneliness, support young families, and provide people with a little more freedom and independence.

Careibu was founded in 2009 by sisters Anne and Lotte in their dorms. We started small, but our mission is big. Our mission is two-fold. On the one hand, we want to turn social care into a natural part of elderly care. On the other hand, we want to connect young and old. Our biggest project is the foundation for which we match students with seniors for support and companionship on a voluntary basis. Currently, more than 250 seniors are waiting for a match.

At Careibu, you can find your social side-hustle or your volunteering position next to your studies. You choose who you work for, when, and how many hours. You are in charge!