ING Blackbelts

The Blackbelt team of ING is an in-house consultancy team that is specialized in process design and optimalisation within all different domains and transformation programs of the bank. Blackbelts facilitate process improvements spanning the entire product range of ING’s domestic bank, in which we closely work together with first-line employees all the way to senior management on transformations in order to:

  • Design processes as part of core projects (such as process redesign programs, key IT projects and organizational restructuring initiatives);
  • Create market superior customer processes;
  • Increase sales force effectiveness and operational management;
  • Increase the effectiveness of internal processes.

Blackbelts at ING strive for sustainable results by inspiring business lines to act on continuous improvement. In times where ING is continuously changing, we help to search for the right solutions with measurable impact on customer satisfaction, costs, benefits, or the realization of strategic priorities.
We are a young team of ambitious consultants who help to shape the future of the bank. Experience what working as an “operational excellence consultant” (Blackbelt) is like at ING during our workshop!