At Octas, you get the opportunity to develop yourself in any direction possible. We have a broad network and multiple clients. Together with you fieldmanager you will select and choose the most suitable position. Octas is a deployment agency in the banking sector working together with, among others, the major banks of the Netherlands such as ING, ABN Amro, Rabobank but also PwC. We are preferred supplier at various banks. As a junior, for example, you can become a Financial Crime Analyst where you use your analytical skills to investigate fraud cases. Or, work as an advisory body in the bank; you are the eyes and ears of the bank. We have a huge number of options and therefore the possibility is yours to see what suits your personal ambitions. We dream big.

Octas was founded 15 years ago by Jan and Norbert. We currently employ around 160 professionals. Internally, we work with specialized recruiters, fieldmanagers and accountmanagers. You can contact your fieldmanager at any time. They support the professionals along their journey and get goals cleared up.

What we offer:
We will support you where we can and offer multiple trainings with our Octas Academy. Starting a traineeship, you get the opportunity to work and take a look at multiple companies. Octas always intends to enter into a long-term working relationship. We are small but personal. The fieldmanager will be your personal counselor. We organize fun events throughout the year, such as drinks and parties at multiple locations. Here, we allow the professionals to meet each other, and of course interact with our intern department that works at the Octas HQ.