About us:

OGER was founded in 1989 by brothers Martin, Rob and Oger Lusink. Our very first store landed in the Amsterdam P.C. Hooftstraat. While our Amsterdam Amsterdam grew, we opened stores in The Hague, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Haarlem. At the time Oger Lusink and his brothers entered the Dutch menswear market, German brands predominated the market, which was also to be seen in the general fashion image back then. Soon it became clear that OGER’s mission as company, yet as person, is to make the Dutch man more Italian. OGER succeeded and guided the Dutch in the Italian way of dressing. During the summer of 2018, we integrated OGER Donna, our former womenswear store, in our stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We both offer womenswear and menswear under one roof, now.

Next to the crème de la crème of Italian brands, like Santoni, Corneliani, Attolini and Jacob Cohën, we also produce our own collections; OGER RED, OGER Dressed for Success, OGER Italian Knitwear, OGER Handmade and OGER Napoli. With our wide curated selection of fine menswear, we make sure we distinguish ourselves in the field of service. Our Personal Advisors create a welcoming environment by building rich relationships with the customers. We’re clothing souls here.

In 2016, we renovated our store in The Hague. The familiar OGER style in a modern jacket, which we like to call OGER 2.0. Our made-to-measure department got a upgrade, making it the biggest made-to-measure department . Atelier Munro x OGER is the newest concept of the OGER family, which was introduced in 2017. It is a dynamic made-to-measure concept, where the customer can customize his suit, jacket, shirt, jeans, trousers or shoes. Perfect for today’s modern gentleman.

What we offer:

At OGER, employees are members of the family, and the relationship with customers is not only strong, but also especially warm.  OGER has made the Dutch man more Latin and thus more stylish. The success of the OGER brand lies in the core values that bind all employees: passion, performance and openness


OGER has everything to make you look stylish during the Sefa Career Week. Visit their website or their store at the P.C. Hooftstraat in order to make a good impression during Sefa Career Week.