Board group 100th 2021

Daan Visser

Commercial Officer

Main Partners

Daan Visser

Age: 23
Study: BSc. Business Administration

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Amsterdam Career Days
  • Sefa Career Week
  • Commercial Team
  • Accountancy Tour
  • Alumni
  • Kingsday
  • Master Career Club

Function description
The Commercial Officer of Sefa is responsible for the external affairs. This means that all contacts with companies and sponsors are your responsibility. In practice this comes down to visiting a broad range of different companies, managing relationships, negotiating contracts and heading all commercial activities at Sefa. It is your aim to set up long-term relationships with different parties and to ensure that the collaboration has a positive outcome for both parties. Additionally, you can transfer the necessary knowledge to help acquisitors in committees and you are always looking for new interesting partners for Sefa.


  • Communicating with commercial relations
  • Generating incoming cash flows for Sefa
  • Exploring the market and making new connections and contacts
  • Assist committee members with the acquisition process
  • Organize trainings for active members in collaboration with companies
  • Coordination the Amsterdam Career Days, the Sefa Career Week and the Commercial Team

Typical traits
Reliable, representative, confident, convincing and target driven

Contact information:
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