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Lotje van Walsem

Information Strategy Officer

Main Partners

Lotje van Walsem

Age: 23
Study: BSc. Economics and Business
Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Research Project 2021
  • Master Career Clubs: (Business) Economics
  • Sefa Social Consulting Group
  • Sefa Kingsday
  • National Student Competition
  • Career Month Junior

About me

I have been a member of Sefa for four years now, started in the As Good As New and was part of the Amsterdam Career Days committee last year. You probably know me as the girl with curls (some call me Hagrid) that speaks at a decent (some call it fast) pace, but I would just say you’re listening too slow. For the ones that don’t know me yet, I am a big fan of….  well, I am kind of enthusiastic about everything and when I am enthusiastic, I may talk a bit faster, so I guess you get the point.

As the Information Strategy Officer I am responsible for maintaining and improving the IT systems. Besides that I am also responsible for the general organisational strategy and supporting this strategy with clear numerical facts.

I very much look forward to leveraging my capabilities to the good of the association. Hopefully, contributing in some positive small way to the experiences of this year’s students and those in the years to come.

Task Description

  • Data management & data analysis
  • Responsible for all Salesforce activities; from user adoption to development and innovation
  • Responsible for the general organisational strategy
  • Justifying and supporting the strategy of the organisation by providing clear numerical facts
  • Finding software related solutions and improvement of current systems

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