UvA Brug Sefa

Maud Visser

HR Officer

Maud Visser

Age: 24
Study: BSc. Economics and Finance

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Research Project 2018
  • As Good As New
  • Career Month Junior
  • Introduction Camp
  • Social 2
  • National Student Competition

Task Description
My name is Maud Visser, 23 years old and I just finished my bachelor Economics and Finance. In my second year I joined the Skillsweek committee, followed with the Student Business Battle Committee and also I joined the most awesome Study Trip to Rio de Janeiro. In my fourth year I went on Exchange to Korea, which was an amazing experience. After finishing my Bachelor last summer my next challenge was the board year. As the HR Officer I like to provide students with all the information they need or want about Sefa. Feel free to approach me for a coffee to discuss all the possibilities.

As HR officer, I am responsible for recruiting and retaining Sefa members that will organise our projects and events. This also involves the promotion of Sefa’s active membership. A big part of my task as HR officer is staying in touch with active members, making sure that they are enjoying their committee and making sure that they make the most out of their experience at Sefa.

An overview of the tasks of the board

  • Recruiting and Selecting members for committees
  • Coaching and retaining active members
  • Coordinating committees

Contact information: