UvA Brug Sefa

Michèl Verëll


Michèl Verëll

Age: 22
Study: BSc. Economics & Finance

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Room for Discussion
  • Research Project
  • Rostra Economica
  • Alumni
  • Kingsday

Task Description
My name is Michèl Verëll and I am the Treasurer of the 97th Sefa Board. Besides my board year, I am still working on my thesis in order to pass my Bachelor degree Economics and Finance. Before my board I was not active within Sefa, nevertheless I want to catch up those missing times this year.

As Treasurer I am responsible for Sefa’s financial position. When things go above or beyond expectation, it is my task to intervene and make sure that the association holds a steady financial course. It is therefore up to me to ensure that Sefa spends money in the most rational way. Moreover, I am the one that makes the budget and approves all plans financially. In the process of controlling committee budgets I have a lot of contacts with each committee’s treasurer. Furthermore, I am responsible for checking and completing contracts regarding companies and projects and for making sure that the administration is up-to-date and gives a reliable representation of Sefa’s financial position.

An overview of the tasks of the board

  • Responsible for budgets and three-monthly financial statements
  • Having full oversight of Sefa’s financial position
  • Managing and, if necessary, approving all in- and outgoing cashflows
  • Coordinating committees

Contact information: