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Mitzy van Gelder

HR Officer

Main Partners

Mitzy van Gelder

Age: 21
Study: BSc. Business Administration

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • As Good As New
  • Sefa Study Trip
  • Sefa Entrepreneurship Day
  • Mentor Committee
  • TEDxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam
  • Lustrum

About Me

In my first year studying at the UvA I already thought about joining Sefa. I wanted to develop myself,  get more organizational skills and find new friends in this new situation. I started in the As Good As New, in the Career Month Junior. Together with the other committee members we organized 4 days for other first year students to give them more insight in the possible tracks within Economics & Business, where companies gave presentations and business cases. Besides that we have had an amazing event, I also met a lot of new people through Sefa.

After my first year I have been in other committees and in my 3rd year at the UvA I joined Research Project; a consultancy project for a dutch companies that want to do business in India. When working towards the actual departure to India I thought about doing more within Sefa.  A board year seemed the perfect opportunity for me, to grow more as a person and also to have a great time together with the other board members. I am enjoying the board year since the moment we started and have already learned a lot about running such an organization and also about myself.

I am looking forward to the rest of the year, full of coffee meetings, interviews and other amazing memories, together with the board and Sefa members!

Task Description

  • Recruiting and Selecting members for committees
  • Coaching and retaining active members
  • Responsible for the HR policy
  • Coordinating committees

Contact information:

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