UvA Brug Sefa

Rosa Keijsper

Information Strategy Officer

Rosa Keijsper

Age: 22
Study: BSc. Economics & Business
Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Research Project 2018
  • Master Career Clubs: Finance and Economics
  • Skillsweek
  • List Sefa
  • Batavierenrace
  • Active Members Day

Introduction and Task description:

My name is Rosa Keijsper, 21 years old and currently the Information Strategy Officer of the 96th Sefa board. I finished my bachelor in Economics & Finance last year, after which I started an internship at a big data analysis company. Here I became aware of my affinity for IT and that’s why I decided to apply for the ISO function in the 96th Sefa board. Last year I was the acquisition coordinator of the Sefa Research Project to China.

As Information Strategy Officer, I am responsible for IT and the collection and analysis of data for Sefa’s data driven strategy. After 95 years of Sefa there have been a lot of events, trips and drinks, but the useful information about these activities has never been documented properly. My job is to create an environment where this data is documented properly and ready to use. This environment will lead to efficiency and better processes.

An overview of the tasks of the board

  • Maintain the flow of data in the organisation
  • Keeping the IT systems of the organisation up to date
  • Justify the strategy of the organisation by providing clear numerical facts
  • Provide stakeholders with useful information
  • Innovate: prepare the organisation for the future

Contact information: