UvA Brug Sefa

Ryan Hendriks


Ryan Hendriks

Age: 22
Study: BSc. Business Administration

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Sefa Store Committee
  • Rostra Economica
  • TEDxUniversiteitVanAmsterdam
  • Master Career Club: Business Administration
  • Master Career Club: Accountancy & Control
  • Master Career Club: Entrepreneurship
  • Active Members Weekend 1
  • International Student Committee
  • International Week

Task Description
Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I am the Secretary of the 96th Sefa board. I have just finished my Bachelor’s degree of in Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam, with a specialisation in Business Administration. During my Bachelor’s, I participated in the Global Exchange Programme of the UvA and went to the University of Connecticut (USA), which was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I became an active member Sefa during the second year of my studies. This year, I decided to take on the even greater challenge of a board year before starting a Master’s degree.

As a Secretary, my job is very diverse. I am responsible for coordinating the Sefa Store; everything from the stock acquisition until the sales of the study books for the 6500 members of our association. I also record all important developments regarding Sefa, take care of the facilities and maintain a good relationship with the employees of the faculty. The great thing about this diversity is that it makes my board year a very dynamic year.

An overview of the tasks of the board

  • Responsible for the formal expression of the association
  • Initiating new strategic investments
  • Making sure the statuses and internal regulations are being followed
  • Keeping the members administration up-to-date
  • Responsible for the board and members office
  • Maintain a positive relationship with employees of the faculty
  • Support board and active members

Contact information: