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Seb Morel


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Seb Morel

Age: 23
Study: BSc. Economics & Business Economics

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • International Development Project 2020
  • Room for Discussion
  • International Student Committee
  • Social I
  • MCC Business Administration
  • Alumni

About Me

I’m 23 and was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and grew up in a lovely little country called Luxembourg. I moved to Amsterdam to start my academic adventure in the program of Economics and Business Economics at the UvA. My plan is to complete my fourth year of my bachelor this year-round.

What started as a spontaneous decision to apply for the Sefa AGAN committee back three years ago ended up being the reason I devoted this year to being a board member and the treasurer of Sefa. I have not only made new friends but have learnt how to work within a committee by developing personal and professional skills that will help later on in my career.

Having been part of the AGAN committee (and one of the AGAN mentors), the International Student Committee and the Sefa Study Trip, I felt like challenging myself for the board was the next step in my personal development.

I am proud to be part of the board as the first international and hope to do my best for the study association in the future.

Task description

  • Responsible for budgets and three-monthly financial statements
  • Having full oversight of Sefa’s financial position
  • Managing and, if necessary, approving all in- and outgoing cashflows
  • Coordinating committees

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