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This year Sefa started a new collaboration with Lix to offer students e-books!

What is Lix?

Lix is an all-in-one study app dedicated to helping students succeed on their homework and exams. Students studying with Lix can find all their textbooks, courseware and study tools – things like Search, Notes, Translate and more – on one platform. With Lix, students will always have something AWESOME to look forward to! Check out our website to learn more on Lix.

We’ve got a sweet deal for you to study with Lix

If you’re a premium member of Sefa, you’ll get a sweet discount to study with Lix. Yay! Log in on the Sefa website and grab your student union code below. Simply add your discount code on your Lix Account page before making your first payment and voilà – you’re good to go.