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Thirza Schuilwerve

Commercial Officer

Main Partners

Thirza Schuilwerve

Age: 21
Study: BSc. Economics and Business Economics

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Amsterdam Career Days
  • Career Week
  • Commercial Team
  • Accountancy Tour
  • Sports Committee

About me

My name is Jurriaan van Velthoven and I am the Commercial Officer of the 98thSefa Board! I finished my bachelor degree in Economics & Finance and two years ago my journey at Sefa started in Mexico as a consultant for the Research Project. During this project we created a comprehensive market entry strategy for a multinational firm. After finalizing this project my journey continued, however instead of going back to Amsterdam, the home base of Sefa, I decided to discover more of the world and travel through Cuba and South East Asia.

I look forward to the board year and hope to contribute to the journey of our students and our study association!

Task Description

  • Contact person for companies
  • Generating Sefa’s cash flow
  • Exploring the market and making new contacts
  • Helping committee members with acquisition

Contact information:

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