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Timo Mascini


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Timo Mascini

Age: 21
Study: BSc. Business Administration

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Room for Discussion
  • Skillsweek
  • Member Council
  • Active Member Events
  • Sefa Investment Day
  • List Sefa
  • Lustrum

Function description
As Chairman, you have a central position in the board and focus on the overall cooperation between all board members. You oversee the goals of the association and the long-term strategy in its entirety. To maintain oversight and keep everyone informed you organize and chair weekly board meetings. This also holds for four-monthly general meetings where members hold you accountable for the achievement of policy goals. Furthermore, you are Sefa’s final representative to the outside world and maintain the external relationships.


  • Organizing and chairing all board and general meetings
  • Safeguarding strategic policy goals during the daily routine
  • Communicating extensively within the board, with the university, with other study associations, with the FSR and with Sefa’s supervisory board
  • Acting as the face of Sefa towards outside parties
  • Financial audit

Typical traits
Diligent, leadership skills, team player, strategic insight and diplomatic

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