Board group 100th 2021

Tom Heckmans

Marketing Officer

Main Partners

Tom Heckmans

Age: 22
Study: Hospitality Management MSc Business Administration: Digital marketing

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Marketing Team
  • Lustrum
  • Sefa Grand Ball
  • Almanac
  • Sefa Career Week
  • Amsterdam Career Days

Function description
As Marketing Officer in the Board, you are responsible for all promotional expressions. You are also the guard of the corporate design of Sefa in general. It is very important that people see the connection between our activities and Sefa, while every expression has to be distinctive. Furthermore, the Marketing Officer is concerned with the image of Sefa and strategies that will improve that. We are the Faculty Association of this Faculty, which means we are there with advantages for every student at the Faculty of Economics & Business and we have to carry that out.


  • Taking care of Sefa’s marketing an PR policy
  • Building and sustaining an unbeatable brand image
  • Taking care of the website, social media and all the ‘offline’ promotion expressions
  • Attracting and maintaining media attention
  • Supervise Sefa’s biggest career events; Amsterdam Career Days and Sefa Career Week

Typical traits
Creative, team player, punctual, efficient and open-minded.

Contact information:
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