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Audit procedures on non-financial information in CSR reporting
As an Associate within the combination route ‘The Associate Academy with Sustainability & Responsible Governance (S&RG)’ you will focus for 50% on Assurance assignments where you verify the non-financial information in the social reportages of organizations. This means that you will participate in the audit of a separate sustainability reportage or work on a part of the management reportage of the annual report. The welfare question shows that more and more organizations are choosing to write an integrated annual report. You will therefore also contribute to the audit of the entire annual report in your work. These activities include that you will pay attention to a number of different issues in such reports.

An important aspect is evaluating how the strategy of the organization is clarified and whether the report gives completion to the topics that are most relevant to the organizations and their stakeholders. These topics translate themselves into non-financial indicators that the organization focuses on. You can think of topics such as CO2 emissions, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, diversity, training, sustainable products or services and integrity. Moreover, you will perform work to determine the design, existence and operation of processes, as well as substantive procedures, just as with an annual account audit.

There is, however, a (large) difference with the annual account audit: auditing non-financial information is a much less mature field and our clients are regularly searching for a way in which they can report and how they can realize these reports. This indicates that during our work we regularly have discussions with the organization about the interpretation of the strategy and the process of producing the non-financial information. The added value of the audit is therefore often perceived by the client as positive.

Who are you?

  • In September 2019 you will be finished with your Bachelor or Master accountancy;
  • You consider integrity an important value that you strive for;
  • You are eager and you have the ambition to grow;
  • You are a real team player who likes working together;
  • You are entrepreneurial and proactive;
  • You have a command of the Dutch language at minimum NT2 B2 level.

How does your work look like?
You will follow the regular two-year training program of The Associate Academy in combination with your RA Post-Master. Your planning has to be completed with assignments from S&RG. Further on there are also a number of specific topics that will give more depth to checking non-financial information, this is not a regular part of The Associate Academy. You can think of a number of specific e-learns in the field of sustainability reporting, but also training sessions by and for our own team to deepen the knowledge. We specifically do this in a PwC European context because our teams will be exchanged within Europe so they can learn from each other in this way. We work in particular together with Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

As of September, we are looking for a maximum of 4 Associates who will spend 50% of the available time on annual report audits and 50% of the time on corporate social responsibility audits.

To be able to make a proper reflection, you will have 1 conversation in the Sustainability team. In this talk we will discuss your motivation and of course discuss what we do and what we expect from you. This interview will be conducted by Marcus Looijenga (RA and Senior Manager in our team) or Hannah Weerman (RA and Manager in our team) in combination with Joukje Janssen (RC and Partner in our team). We are looking forward to meet you!

Who are we?
The Sustainability team is a relatively small (around 35 people), close and committed team in Amsterdam. It is our intention to involve you closely in our team, so you soon will feel a part of the team which enables you to make a valuable contribution to the team. This can take place in the form of a quality role in the field of Assurance, but you can also think of a role in training, Human Capital or innovation. We assume that you will join our monthly team meetings and strategy days. Of course, you are invited for the team weekend, the team drinks and the BBQ in the summer at one of the partners’ homes – this is entirely without obligation (but of course very nice!).

What do we offer?
Your career is what it is: from you. You decide. We offer you the opportunities for a challenging job that matters. To get the maximum out of yourself. To build trust in the society and contribute to solving important problems. Besides this all, you will be coached intensively and there is space for your own ambition and personal choices.

We offer access to a worldwide network in which you can exchange knowledge, ideas and questions with experienced professionals in your own area and other disciplines. Our terms of employment focus on your growth and work/life balance. This is what you can expect from us:

  • Extensive coaching with a focus on your personal development
  • Excellent education and (international) training opportunities
  • Flexible working
  • An open culture in which you can practice with giving and receiving feedback
  • Opportunity to work abroad to gain international experience
  • Play an important role in helping our clients with trending topics such as digital operating model transformation and emerging technology adoption.
  • Team events such as ski-events
  • The opportunity to contribute to several internal projects such as Corporate responsibility, several specific networks, diversity, innovation and/or recruitment
  • iPhone, laptop and lease car or compensation
  • 32 vacation days

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If you have any questions relating to this vacancy, do not hesitate to call me or send me an e-mail. Please do not approach us regarding this vacancy if you represent an agency. Send an email to: or call 06 83 09 01 20

We will respond to your request within two weeks.


Over 5,000 people work together at PwC in the Netherlands. We look at things from different angles to build trust in society and solve important problems. You will be able to get the best out of yourself by developing your knowledge, talent, mindset, habits, motivations, associations and actions. Together we strive for an inclusive culture in which we embrace diversity. Inclusion means that everyone feels involved and appreciated – not despite but thanks to the differences. We respect who you are and inspire you with what you can become and contribute.

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