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Do you want to give your accountancy career a boost and find out which clients and sectors suit you best, for example by working with start-ups and international companies, but also with clients in the financial sector? And are you eager for a challenge and keen to have enthusiastic colleagues supporting you, every day? Then The Associate Academy is just the thing for you!


  • You will have finished your higher professional or academic programme in accountancy
  • You consider integrity an important value to which you aspire.
  • You’re inquisitive and eager for personal and professional growth.
  • You’re a true team player who enjoys working with others.
  • You’re enterprising and pro-active.
  • You are proficient in Dutch as a foreign language (minimum B2 level).
  • You are available in september or february

You’ll begin in PwC’s accountancy traineeship, The Associate Academy, a two-year programme in which the focus is on your professional and personal growth. At The Associate Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in different market sectors. You’ll work with your team on assignments for clients and get to go behind the scenes. You will have ongoing conversations with your team and with the client. You’ll familiarise yourself with business processes and systems, review internal control processes and carry out year-end audits. You’ll be assigned a coach, take soft skills and other workshops and courses with the other trainees in your year, and attend innovation and expertise meetings. You’ll share your experiences with the other associates during review sessions. Would you like to pass on what you’ve learned to new trainees? By the time you complete The Associate Academy, you’ll be ready to coach them!

What are we offering?

  • An excellent opportunity to sample different sectors and discover your preferences
  • Coaching on the job and a performance coach for your long-term ambitions
  • Activity Based Working: work flexibly at the client’s, at home and at the office
  • Informal activities, including social get-togethers, a Christmas gala, a skiing weekend and more
  • Opportunities to receive training and work abroad
  • A Master’s or post-Master’s programme paid for by PwC and an intensive internal training programme
  • An attractive starting salary, bonus and overtime arrangements
  • 30 days of holiday leave, your choice of lease car, laptop and iPhone
  • Other fringe benefits

Apply now!
Excited about The Associate Academy? Then apply immediately and secure a place in The Associate Academy. The selection procedure consists of an online assessment, an initial, personal meeting and an interview. Successful candidates will enter The Associate Academy.

We would like to receive the following documents as part of your application:

  • Your CV
  • A cover letter explaining why you are applying

If you have any questions, contact:

Tara Bollebakker (Rotterdam)
+31 (0)6-82 26 00 35

Wouter Kraster (Breda, Maastricht, Eindhoven)
+31 (0)6-20 22 60 76

Rihaam Marraha (Groningen, Zwolle, Utrecht)
+31 (0)6-12 06 92 93

Eliane Stuijt (Amsterdam)
+31 (0)6-13 39 68 43

Apply to secure a spot in The Associate Academy september 2020

Over 5,000 people work together at PwC in the Netherlands. We look at things from different angles to build trust in society and solve important problems. You will be able to get the best out of yourself by developing your knowledge, talent, mindset, habits, motivations, associations and actions. Together we strive for an inclusive culture in which we embrace diversity. Inclusion means that everyone feels involved and appreciated – not despite but thanks to the differences. We respect who you are and inspire you with what you can become and contribute.

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