Board 2019/2020

Viktor Kelderman

Information Strategy Officer

Main sponsors

Viktor Kelderman

Age: 24
Study: MSc. Game Theory & Behavioural Economics
Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Research Project 2020
  • Master Career Clubs: (Business) Economics and Finance
  • Sefa Social Consulting Group
  • Sefa Grand Ball

About me

Unlike most of the current board members, I became a ‘’Sefast’’ quite late into the game. After four years of juggling – and completing – two bachelor degrees, followed by a year of working full-time, I launched into a MSc. Economics. Never having had more free time at hand, I applied for a position in one of Sefa’s committees: the Sefa Social Consulting group.

Fast forward half a year and I find myself approached by the ISO and Vice-Chairman at that time. If I had ever considered becoming a board member, he asked me. Well, no obviously. The labour market was at a high, a nice paying job most likely waiting for me, so a board year seemed quite counterintuitive to a utility maximiser like myself. However, the talk we had kept resurfacing in my mind. What if I was defining utility too narrowly? If I did something as noble as enrich the life of thousands of FEB students, surely the gates of heaven would open for me in the afterlife? I decided to take the wager.

And now… here we are. Jokes aside, I very much look forward to leveraging my capabilities to the good of the association. Hopefully, contributing in some positive small way to the experiences of this year’s students and those in the years to come.

Task Description

  • Data management & data analysis
  • Responsible for all Salesforce activities; from user adoption to development and innovation
  • Responsible for the general organisational strategy
  • Justifying and supporting the strategy of the organisation by providing clear numerical facts
  • Finding software related solutions and improvement of current systems

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