L'Oréal Inhouse Breakfast

Step into the world of beauty with an exclusive In-House Breakfast at L’Oréal. Join us for a unique opportunity to savor a delectable meal and explore the exciting career prospects at L’Oréal. Expect an exclusive peek into their daily operations, learn about the diverse roles and growth opportunities available at L’Oréal and ask questions and gain insights from experienced professionals.

About L’Oréal:

You may know us as an FMCG or the number 1 market leader in beauty worldwide, with powerful brands like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Diesel, L’Oréal Men Expert, Valentino and CeraVe (to name a few), but we are so much more than that!

For instance, we:

– are very proud to have been recognized as the most ethical company in the world for the 13th consecutive year

– and we’re the only company to have achieved the Sustainable ‘triple A’ status for seven years running (for tackling climate change, acting to protect forests and ensuring water security).

– see ourselves as one of the most digitally driven and innovative FMCG companies. In fact, we are the number 1 in the BeautyTech market.

– aim to be a representation of society, so we have Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at heart.

We aim to bring together people with diverse backgrounds, visions, and skills to keep each other sharp.


Come and share your vision!

Sustainability info:

  • Benelux is 100% CO2 neutral since this year
  • We have reduced our carbon emissions from product transport by 30% in the last year
  • Our factory in Belgium (Libramont) is 100% waterlooped and CO2 neutral
  • 100% of our PLV is eco design (I.e. following eco design guidelines for material usage and recycleability)
  • We have 42K people benefitting from our brand causes
  • We have decreased the CO2 emissions from our car-fleet with 70% in the Benelux since 2016
  • We have 101 people who gained access to work in 2022 thanks cooperating with L’Oréal
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