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Below you can find an overview of all the memberships that we offer and the benefits that you can enjoy!

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Membership Benefits

Being a member of Sefa comes with a lot of advantages. Depending on your membership, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Active membership
    All of our yearly activities are organised by our active members, a group of around 400 students of which you can also be a part! Organising one of our activities by joining a committee is a great experience. You are going to work in a team of motivated and ambitious fellow students, practicing things you will never learn in class or during courses. More information about an active membership can be found here.
  • Exam preparations and other trainings
    Sefa organises additional lessons (tutorials) and exam preparations (crash-courses) for students during their studies. We also offer E-assessment trainings and Gmat trainings. Exam preparations are given in certain subjects that are experienced among students as being complicated. These tutorials are supporting classes that can be followed next to the regular courses given by the UvA. Next to tutorials, Sefa offers Premium members various summaries in the Sefa Store one week prior to your exam these can only be bought by premium members.
  • High Discounts on Your Study Books
    As one of the country’s largest study associations, we are in a good position to offer you the best deals for study books. As a premium member, you get a discount of up to 17% on top of the low price we already offer you.
  • Free entrance to our Career Events
    Each year, Sefa organizes prestigious career events like the Sefa Career Week,  Skillsweek and other relevant career events. These events are a perfect opportunity to come into contact with high-end employers. As a member, you have free access to almost all of our events.