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Three days of workshops to develop yourself professionally, academically and personally. The workshops are given by professional companies and are free of charge only for UvA students. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and sign-up now!


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Presentation training by Monitor Deloitte (Full)

In this training, we’ll talk about how to use PowerPoint as a consultant. We’ll go through the basics of storyboarding and how to effectively use PowerPoint to convey your message, including some tips & tricks. The training will contain hands-on exercises, so be sure to bring a laptop with PowerPoint installed on it.


At Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte’s strategy consulting team, we help leading global organizations to navigate the future with confidence, by making clear, timely and inspirational strategic choices that deliver growth in a dynamic, disrupted world.

We operate across key capability areas:

  • Corporate & business unit strategy
  • Customer strategy
  • Policy strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • M&A
  • Innovation
  • Business transformation 

Monitor Deloitte builds on extensive thought leadership (including Michael Porter, Roger Martin and Larry Keeley) and proprietary strategy methodologies to advise leading companies with the passion and position to forge new paths and practices. 

We distinguish ourselves because our advice is not solely focused on strategy; it also takes into account the practical feasibility and implementation of the advice. We also work closely together with our colleagues from other consulting disciplines (like Analytics, Innovation and Deloitte Digital) to win and deliver projects.



Mastering the Art of Negotiation by RoutsLaeven

You might not realize it, but we negotiate every day. Whether we call it co-operation, problem-solving, decision making, project management or conflict management, the common thread is that we find ourselves in situations where we influence each other with the aim of serving the interests of the persons involved. Situations that challenge us to be firm, and at the same emphatic (build mutual trust) and creative. This combination is the foundation of the ‘Harvard Negotiation Approach’  and the focus of this training session. You will learn to:

  • check your personal experience against a clear and consistent negotiation concept
  • increase your steering capabilities with more insight into the negotiation process
  • learn to work with tools for a systematic preparation of a negotiation
  • increase your skills in finding creative solutions, even with ‘tough’ negotiators, and deal with conflicts in fairness.

About RoutsLaeven

Our story begins in 1986 when John Routs and Joep Laeven brought the Harvard principles of negotiation to The Netherlands. Over the years we have expanded these ideas & combined them with our expertise in the area of “driving business performance through learning”​.

We strongly believe that the foundations of the Harvard method can help everyone to become a strong, empathetic and creative negotiator. We believe that negotiation is initially about value creation – not value distribution. It’s just better for the world.

Geurt Jan de Heus, partner at RoutsLaeven has published his book ‘Mastering the Art of Negotiation’​ (‘Alles is Onderhandelen’​) a couple of years ago. In this book, he sheds new light on the insights provided in the book ‘Getting to Yes’​. William Ury, co-author of ‘Getting to Yes’​ and author of ‘Getting to Yes with Yourself’​ mentions the following about it: “Illustrated with beautiful and compelling visuals, Geurt Jan de Heus has created an insightful and practical guide for negotiating win-win solutions. Very useful indeed!”​. The information in ‘Mastering the Art of Negotiation’​ is used as the foundation and main philosophy of all our workshops, coaching and consulting services.


How to find a job in The Netherlands – Together Abroad

During the workshop “How to find a job in the Netherlands”, participants will be presented with very practical information about the current Dutch labour market and recruitment procedures in the Netherlands.

Experts from Together Abroad will also speak about the various recruitment channels, hidden vacancies, and new recruitment trends. How to create the perfect CV and motivation letter and how to create a good Linkedin profile.

Special attention will be given to internet profile boards relevant to your individual background and education. Participants will also learn more about Google recruitment and optimizing their job search results by using Boolean Logic. A guest speaker will also speak about opportunities after studies for students from outside of the EU, and things they should be aware of.


LinkedIn Workshop – Young Financials

Displaying yourself digitally is becoming increasingly more important. LinkedIn is a tool that provides the ability to present yourself professionally. Not doing this in the right way, makes it difficult for recruiters and potential employers to find your profile. This can lead to missed job opportunities.

Young Financials helps with a LinkedIn workshop to present yourself well online. This workshop will discuss the right settings, bullet points, photo and more in order to optimize the use of LinkedIn.

Young Financials connects young financial talent with financial job positions in a variety of industries. They have developed a large and unique network that enables them to know exactly what career opportunities are out there for you. They connect you directly to the business managers instead of the Human Resources department.

Therefore, you don’t have to go through several application rounds with assessments, interviews, and cases. With Young Financials you can count on intensive personal coaching, and you are informed about the position, organisation and work environment and they will help you prepare for your job interview.


Training for job interviews (STAR) – EVG Start

In the selection of top candidates at EVG Start, we mostly focus on the skills of the candidates. However, we notice that it is difficult for many applicants to explain why they have these skills. In our workshop, we help you to identify your skills and your downfalls in a job application. In this way, we help you to convince us, or other future employers that you are analytical, proactive, and a team player. In our workshop, we also teach you to give feedback in a productive way, because at EVG Start, we believe that you mainly learn from and with each other.


E-Assesment Workshop – Hellotest

In our workshop, you will learn about the different assessment topics, take and review multiple short assessments and learn the best tips and tricks to tackle tests in the future.

After taking this workshop you will:

  • Know about the different assessment topics
  • Know how to optimally prepare for your assessment
  • Have great practical experience with the most common assessment topics

The workshop will cover the following:

  •         General introduction to assessments
  •         Verbal reasoning
  •         Numerical reasoning
  •         Logical reasoning

Every subject is introduced with a theoretical part, we test your capabilities with a practice test.

For more information about e-assessments go to


CV and motivation letter workshop – Hellotest

In our workshop you will learn about the job application procedure, it’s expected steps and how to prepare for it.

After taking this workshop you will:

  •   Know about the different steps that can be expected when applying for a job.
  •   Know how to optimally prepare for each step in an application procedure.
  •   Have a great practical experience with the most common application topics.


How to Study Efficiently – Tentamentraining

Most students would love to spend more time living their social lives than studying in the library. This workshop will tell you more about efficient ways to study and therefore how to reach that goal! By explaining techniques that train your brain and putting those to practice, you’ll gain knowledge of how to study best for your next exams.


Lagerweij – Networking workshop

As long as you are not a recluse, you also have a network. But how can you get the most out of it? If you sometimes ask yourself this question, then you are in the right place at the Networking Skills workshop. In this workshop, we work together on a wide range of themes ranging from communication skills to personal branding. But in the end, you learn the most from simply doing!


Job Interview Skills Training – Philips

Being successful at job interviews is not rocket science. It’s actually quite simple. It requires preparation, preparation, and preparation! This Job Interview Skills Training session will prepare you to rock your interviews!


Writing a thesis – TentamenTrainingen

Writing your Thesis… other students probably already warned you about the upcoming struggle at the end of your bachelor. This workshop from will tell you more on the do’s and don’ts for your Research Proposal, how to schedule this long term project and how to become friends with your supervisor!


Free personalized cv-check – De Carrierebus

You can read a lot about the best way to create your CV. Ultimately, the best way is the way you like it yourself. Your CV is your own business card. For this reason, De Carrièrebus offers you the opportunity to have a fully personalised cv check. Recruiters with extensive practical experience look at your own wishes and the way you like to profile yourself in the job market, and also give practical tips to make your CV even more effective. The purpose of the CV is that it represents you well and helps you get to the table with the employer you like!


Sales training – Vainu

Sales, you may like it or not. One thing is certain, it is an extremely useful skill in life. No matter what company you work for in your future career, sales will be most likely be a part of it. During this training, the focus will be on how Big Data is used in commercial processes. Nowadays there is so much data available that can help companies find their most likely new customer. Why not use this?
Next to this technology-minded part of Vainu, we also know how to sell. The other part of this training will focus on practical tips & tricks that you can implement right away. You can read and hear a lot about the best way to do sales. Ultimately, the best way to learn it is to step out of your comfort zone and just do it!


Personal Branding – Mindbrouwerij

Personal branding is not about self-promotion. It’s about helping people understand who you are, what you do, and whom you serve. Your personal brand should help you attract the opportunities that correspond to your profile and interests. But what makes you truly unique? And how can you communicate this to make valuable connections and find an attractive job? During this interactive workshop, we will explore four key aspects of your personal brand. After the workshop, you will know more about your qualities, what motivates you, your image and your skills. And the next time someone asks you the question ‘tell me about yourself’, you won’t be summarizing your resume any longer.


Time Management Workshop – UvA Study Advisor Wim Kluytmans

Do you have problems managing your time? Always too busy? Do you keep procrastinating important tasks? Are you easily distracted? Are you looking to create order from chaos and seeking to increase your productivity?

Learn to get an overview of your tasks and sort out your priorities in the Time Management workshop. Make a good plan, have discipline and finish what you start. Make more efficient and effective use of the time you have in order to achieve your goals. Don’t give in to distractions and focus on your work. It takes discipline to get started. But once you do, you’ll find yourself in a state of flow. And then it’s not that hard anymore. All this and more in the Time Management training during Skillsweek.


GMAT introduction workshop – GMAT Amsterdam

This workshop will teach you all of the ins and outs that are important to know before you take on the challenging GMAT. It starts off with a quick general introduction on the GMAT such as the setup of the test, its adaptive character, the skills being tested, and how the scoring is established. We will continue with the main part of the training, which consists of practicing and discussing actual GMAT problems from the Quantitative and Verbal section. In the last part of the workshop, we will focus on how to prepare best for the test.