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With regards to your studies, Sefa is able to provide you with help in multiple ways.

Sefa Store

The Sefa Store is the place to be to get all the materials you need for your studies. In the Sefa Store, we can provide you with highly discounted books, summaries, information regarding your study track, and study materials such as pens, noteblocks, calculators, dictionaries, USB sticks, etc. Even when you do not need any materials for your studies, you can always come over for a coffee, cappuccino, or espresso to get that extra boost during your day.

The Sefa Store is open from Monday to Friday. Keep a close eye on the time schedule in order to know at which times you can buy everything required for your studies.

Check out the book section of our website to see which books are currently available in the Sefa Store.

Exam preparation

Together with our partner TentamenTrainingen, we try to help you with your exam preparation in the best way possible. Furthermore, as a Sefa member, you will be able to get the trainings offered at a highly discounted price!

Check out the training section of our website to see which trainings our partners currently offer.


Sefa offers summaries in order to provide students with extra guidelines when studying for their exams. To do so, we work together with our two partners Studiekalf and AthenaSummary. Through this collaboration, we are able to provide summaries for all first year courses and most of the second and third year courses.

Check out the summaries section of our website to see which summaries are currently available.

GMAT Trainings

Together with our partner GMAT Amsterdam, we offer GMAT Trainings at a highly discounted price to help you pass one of the most challenging tests, designed to predict your future academic success in management education. If you are required to take the test, you should expect a challenge.

Check out the trainings section of our website to see which GMAT Trainings our partner currently offers.

E-Assessment Trainings

As Sefa premium member, you get access to professional E-Assessment Trainings. The (e-)assessment is an important part of the application procedure of many companies. People unnecessarily fail their assessment due to not preparing for the assessment and as a result scoring below the threshold. Luckily, you can train for your assessment quite well. The trainings offered by HelloTest are tailored to company specific assessment questions. So, if you apply for Company X, you can specifically practice for their assessment.

Check out the trainings section of our website to see which E-Assessment Trainings our partner currently offers.