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Sefa is the study association of Economics and Business (EB) at the University of Amsterdam. Throughout the year, Sefa accommodates activities for students of all years and disciplines. Each year, over 350 active members organize over 125 Sefa events divided amongst four pillars.

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Our Pillars

  • Academic
    • What would a faculty association be without a strong sense of academic development? Sefa offers plenty of possibilities to enlighten your intellectual capabilities and explore a diverse set of discussions and perspectives. Most famously known is probably Room for Discussion. The committee started in 2008 to try and explain what forces caused the financial crisis. Since then, we have interviewed many prominent guests, experts, and influential managers in the fields of economics, business, and politics.
    • On top of that, Sefa has a wide array of committees to deliver additional value to students from an academic point of view. For example, this year, we introduced the Sefa Case Club in which top students get the chance to compete against other universities to show who is the best case-solver. This event includes a 24-hour case! Next to that, we also have other outstanding committees such as TEDxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam, ListSefa, and Skillsweek. 
  • Career
    • Meet your future employer! Sefa organises a lot of career events for students whom are orienting for their future career. Some shining examples are the Amsterdam Career Days (the biggest career event of Amsterdam), Sefa Career Week (a five day, on-campus recruitment event) and Sefa Investment Days (an introduction for students to the world of investing). Next to that, Sefa’s Master Career Club is organising different events in the sectors Consultancy, Finance, FMCG/Retail, and more! Sefa is also organising the  Women’s Event for ambitious female students who want to connect with companies and Career Month Junior to introduce first-year students to different companies and industries. Next to these big events, you can also find your next job, internship or traineeship in Sefa’s overview of high-quality vacancies. Sefa’s vacancy platform includes a lot of companies, ranging from SMEs to multinationals like Philips and EY. Reach New Heights with your career!
  • International
    • Sefa is no stranger to the international stage, with it reaching new heights through committees such as the Sefa Research Project, International Development Project, Study Trip and much more. Indeed Sefa has been to countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, and Singapore. These trips have provided students with international experience in their areas of interest such as consulting, research and even tackling issues in developing countries. Sefa international is the opportunity to broaden your horizons around the world on a professional and social level!
  • Social
    • Do you enjoy facilitating the perfect environment for students to enjoy themselves? This pillar shows all the committees that offer those opportunities; think of trips like Winter Sports and Active Members Weekend, or events like our ‘Borrelmaand’ and Sefa Grand Ball. By organising these events you can develop your organisational skills and capabilities, but most of all enjoy your student life to the fullest!

Sefa’s history

Sefa, the study association of Economics and Business (EB) at the University of Amsterdam, was founded in 1922 with the name SEF. In 1995 the name Sefa arose through a merger between SEF and EEFA.

Sefa, which is currently one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands, already started to operate in the interests of FEB students in 1922. From that moment on SEF, and in a later stage also EEFA, would develop into professional organisations. This development laid the foundations for Sefa’s current structure. In its earlier years, Sefa functioned as an umbrella organisation for six sub-fraternities, each of which focussed on its own subject area. Throughout the years the sub-organisations started to function independently. By means of a periodical chairman convention, Sefa remains in contact and works together with her sister organisations. In 2022 Sefa celebrated its 20th lustrum, meaning its 100th anniversary. 

Our mission

As the study association of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam we work with a mission, explained in a golden circle.

  • Why
    • We inspire students to transcend, connecting them to their future.
  • How
    • We offer students an extensive network to explore and develop their capabilities, and introduce them to the world of business and economics.
  • What
    • We provide students a diverse portfolio of career events, social activities, academic intensification and international congregations. Furthermore, we provide active members the opportunity to participate in challenging committees in a social community.

Our values

Our cultural values serve as a compass for our actions. Sefa has defined six shared values for all Sefa members. These shared values are the fundamental beliefs, concepts and principles that underlie the culture of Sefa, and which guide decisions and behaviour of all Sefa members.

  • Ambitious
    • We have and expect a strong desire and determination to succeed
  • Approachable
    • The culture of Sefa creates an environment where people can easily talk to one another
  • Community
    • We communicate and act as a team, collectively setting and accomplishing goals
  • Trust
    • We value interpersonal trust and trust between institutions, intensifying our relationships
  • Professional
    • We always strive for the highest competence and result
  • Empowerment
    • Student have a lot of responsibility and freedom in our association