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The Sefa Store is closed due the Covid-19 precautionary measures, buy your books online at the website of Studystore!
To buy books online you have to be a Premium member!

Sefa is able to offer their books for a lower price than other vendors. To buy books from the Sefa Store, you have to be at least a Basic member. To buy books with highly discounted prices and to buy summaries for courses, you will have to be a Premium member.

How can I buy books online?

You can only buy your books via our website. To do this you have to be a Premium member. If you buy your premium membership now, you will get the first year for free! If you are logged into our website, a button Studystore will appear in the right upper corner. This is where you can order your books. Our partner Studystore is responsible for the books that are ordered online and sent to your house, also to international destinations. For any questions regarding books that you bought online, please contact Studystore directly

*Are you a VSAE (Study Association for Econometrics and Actuarial Sciences) member? VSAE members can find information on how to buy their books with discount here


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