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Main Partners

In collaboration with our partners, Sefa offers a variety of trainings focussed on specific fields. We aim to help you prepare for your studies, academic life, and your professional life in the best way possible. Below, you can find the trainings and information best suited for your needs.

Exam trainings

Sefa organizes additional lessons and exam trainings for students during their studies. In cooperation with TentamenTrainingen and AthenaStudies , tutorials are given in certain subjects that are experienced among students as being complicated. These exam trainings are supporting classes that can be followed next to the regular courses given by the UvA. Furthermore, as a Sefa member, you will be able to get the trainings offered at a highly discounted price!


Together with AthenaStudies – the largest tutoring company of the Netherlands – we organize exam trainings to make sure you pass your exams! Their team of strictly selected tutors will help you in the best and most personal way. Their goal is for you to attain higher grades as efficiently as possible.

AthenaStudies offers exam trainings given by top students that passed the courses with high grades. Their passing rate is 87%. With a Sefa membership you receive a 10% discount using the code SEFA10 at the checkout on www.AthenaStudies.nl.


This year we will be organising exam training courses together with TentamenTrainingen.nl, where you can benefit from as a Sefa-member. TentamenTrainingen.nl offers (FREE) study support, like masterclasses, question hours, summaries and exam training courses. As an Sefa-member you get a 20% discount on our courses. Also, our ‘Money back’-guarantee when you don’t pass your exam applies exclusively for Sefa-members.
So make sure to sign up to reserve your spot and get ready for the exams! 


GMAT trainings

Together with our partner GMAT Amsterdam, we offer GMAT Trainings at a highly discounted price to help you pass one of the most challenging tests, designed to predict your future academic success in management education. If you are required to take the test, you should expect a challenge. Sefa likes challenges and helps you optimize your results, together with GMAT Amsterdam. If you’re a Standard or Premium Sefa member, you can expect substantial discounts on the various courses GMAT Amsterdam offers, as you can book courses for the partner price. GMAT Amsterdam offers different courses. Depending on your desired score, a combination of various verbal and quantitative courses is recommended.

GMAT Amsterdam offers courses that differ in difficulty, length, and approach, to make sure that every student is helped in a way that fits his needs. Below you can find the different courses. By clicking on each link you can read more information. At the beginning of every session, you will receive study materials, which are included in the price. The sessions will be given in small groups, which allows the experienced tutor to give the participants personal attention. During the courses, there will be paid attention to the GMAT in general and to your time-management and GMAT strategy. They will also teach you every trick and all the shortcuts you need to answer the questions quickly and smartly.

  • Basic Math Course: Strongly recommended if you have a weaker quantitative background. During 2 sessions of 3 hours you will go through the basics of the math that you will need to know for the Quantitative course.
  • Quantitative Course: This course covers all the GMAT quantitative subjects. During 5 sessions of 4 hours, an experienced tutor will discuss the essential theory and guide you through the corresponding GMAT questions.
  • Verbal Course: Covers all the GMAT verbal subjects. During 4 sessions of 2,5 hours, an experienced tutor will explain the essential theory and you will practice with GMAT questions.
  • Bootcamp: During 4 days of 7 hours the focus will be on practicing questions in timed sets, after a brief theoretical explanation. This course is recommended when the theory is well-known to you, and if you are aiming for a higher score.
  • 1-on- 1 tutoring: These lessons are often used in combination with a course, so that general knowledge is acquired before focussing more specific issues.

Check the dates and availability of the course here!

E-Assessment Trainings

As Sefa premium member, you get access to professional E-Assessment Trainings. The (e-)assessment is an important part of the application procedure of many companies. People unnecessarily fail their assessment due to not preparing for the assessment and as a result scoring below the threshold. Luckily, you can train for your assessment quite well. The trainings offered by HelloTest are tailored to company-specific assessment questions. So, if you apply for Company X, you can specifically practice for their assessment. As Sefa premium member you get big discounts on all E-Assessment Trainings. Moreover, you can even practice an assessment for free! Start preparing for your assessments! If you are taking an assessment, make sure you know what you need to prepare, plan for and practice.