The Social Hub Presentation & Networking

Attend a captivating company presentation to gain insights into career opportunities, including internships, trainee programs, and part-time roles. Dive into their values and working culture to find your ideal match. Following the presentation, engage in an interactive networking session where you can ask questions and connect with company representatives.

Known for being the rule breakers in hospitality, The Social Hub is a fun, creative and inspiring environment where everyone can work, stay, learn and play and most importantly – be themselves. As an employer we look, act and think like a hotel, but instead we offer a lot more. Think student accommodation, long and short stay options, gyms, talks, events, rooftop bar and eat & drink escapes as well as community and coworking spaces. Located in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Spain with several new openings on the way, this hybrid hospitality concept may take root in the heart of Europe, but our plans are set for going global.

  • Headquarters location: Amsterdam and a smaller one in Barcelona
  • Number of employees: ±1000
  • Graduate programs, internships, or traineeships:
    • Offering full time Internships. In the future, potentially: Traineeships.
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