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Blog post #2: Getting one step closer to the COVID-19 recovery

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As the world began to stumble by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, so did many businesses, universities as well as study association Sefa.

Career events, international trips, social activities were aborted last minute without any preparations. However, it was not long until the 99th board took matters into their own hands to bring back the academic, career as well as social life to their members. One of the first achievements that made it to the online debut of events was Sefa Career Week 2020. Where organizations decided to take a chance on Zoom presentations, workshops and cases. This experience was the beginning of many other upcoming online events that brought new spark to Sefa and its members. These events included Amsterdam Career Days, Career Month Junior, Entrepreneurship Day, online social sushi workshops and many more. However, as the months passed by, the governmental restrictions started to change and so the emergence of hybrid and offline activities began.

Many newspapers were published regarding people’s personal skills being tattered and while members were anxious whether this was true, Sefa created the perfect opportunity to test social and overall academic skills in person. Several members came together consulting different companies and their respective workshops tailoring their knowledge to resolve their assigned questions. As this experience came to an end, interpersonal skills were developed even further given a small taste of what the ‘normal’ world used to look like. As exams came to an end and the pressure of theses began to diminish, everyone (as far as allowed) gathered to toast the end of another academic year. Of course all in line with the COVID-19 regulations in the Netherlands. But this was not the only reason members came together to celebrate, during the last General Meeting the 100th Sefa board was announced while everyone toasted online to another new beginning.

So how can you tell that Sefa is getting closer to a COVID-19 recovery? Well, while everyone is taking a sweet and deserved summer break there are many committees and the 100th board working hard on delivering to you new events ready for the new academic year. The upcoming Sefa Career Week will help you to connect with some of the leading companies in their fields. Furthermore, TEDxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam is ready to take you on the rollercoaster of this pandemic and realize how much growth we all went through and what more is to come. That being said, as the restrictions become more and more lenient, new events and activities are being announced and the upcoming months are only looking brighter. So, join the ultimate Sefa lifestyle.

Let’s reach new height together!

Dorotea Prifti

Member since October 2020