Blog post #8: It's a wrap!

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It’s a wrap!

My name is Daan Visser and the past year I had the honour to fulfil the role of Commercial Officer of the 100th Sefa board. Being part of the 100th board has been an amazing ride! It is unbelievable to see how much we did in one year. In this blog, I will look back at our year and discuss my highlights.

As the Commercial Officer, I was responsible for external affairs. This means that my summer was not filled with beaches and palm trees, but rather with company calls and acquisition meetings from our temporary office at the Keizersgracht. I enjoyed this period to the fullest and I am still very proud that we got EY and Philips as our Main Partners.

The office at the Keizersgracht was not only a great place to work over the summer but also a great (after)party location (the 99th Board can confirm this). Some of you might still remember our summer drinks where we celebrated World Prosecco Day and World Aperol Day. Cleaning the office the next day so we could actually do some work was a less popular activity.

Next to the social activities, we also organized a lot of career events. The ones that were the most memorable for me were the Sefa Career Week & Amsterdam Career Days. Sefa Career Week really taught me how to be resilient and able to respond to last-minute changes. Looking back, I am very proud of the result! I am also glad that I had the opportunity to supervise the Amsterdam Career Days in the Hilton. It is incredible to be part of an event where we reached 2000 students and had over 90 companies participating. A special shout-out to the chairs Julia Cramer (Sefa Career Week) & Michael Wright (ACD), and of course to my other half Tom Heckmans.

Overall, I am very thankful that I had to opportunity to lead an association as enormous as Sefa together with six talented people and develop myself in a personal and professional way. A board year gives you the fun of being a student while gaining a lot of work experience as well, leaving you with a large network for the rest of your life.

It is an experience like no other!


All the best,

Daan Visser