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Bronze committee
Bronze committees are the perfect introduction to Sefa’s active possibilities, meant to be completed early on in your student journey. Functioning as a stepping stone to more experienced committees down the road, bronze committees allow students to gain valuable extracurricular experience in a social environment. Benefits to joining a bronze committee include:

  • Personal And Professional development
    As an active member, you get the opportunity to develop your social, organisational and professional skills. You will work together with your fellow committee members and organise ambitious and challenging events. Besides that, we provide personal guidance and exclusive training.
  • CV Building
    A committee gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from other students and provides you with a head start at the beginning of your future career. You will be working in a professional and challenging environment and get connected to recruiters from top companies.
  • Exclusive Social events
    Being active in one of our committees means that you can join social events specifically organised for active members, such as New Year’s Dinner, Active Members Weekend, Winter Sport, Gala and many more events during the year.


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”Being in a committee will support your development because this is business, you need to research, present proposals, contact different vendors and company representatives. With all these tasks, you will be able to grow as a young professional, working on your negotiation and communication skills, but also getting to know how you would approach the business world in the near future.”

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Career Month Junior

Sefa’s Career Month Junior (CMJ) is dedicated to assisting first-year students to choose between the multiple study tracks offered in the Economics & Businesses Economics or Business Administration Bachelor

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Skillsweek 2020

Sefa Skillsweek

Sefa Skillsweek are four days to develop yourself on professional, academic and personal field.

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