Sara Kalmar

Career Officer

Main Partners

Sara Kalmar

Age: 24
Study: BSc. Economics and Business Economics

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Amsterdam Career Days
  • Amsterdam Case Competition
  • Case Club
  • Masters Career Club
  • Investment Days
  • Sefa Career Week
  • Kings Day committee

Function description
As the Career Officer, Sefa’s major projects like the Sefa Career Week, Amsterdam Case Competition, Investment Days, and the Master’s Career Club will be your main focus. Being Sefa’s 8th Board Member you will guide the committees from forming their policy, the acquisition of companies, the marketing strategy, until the realization of the event. Even though this might not sound like a big responsibility, it definitely is! Being responsible for these projects altogether, you will be able to bring cohesion into their chronology and most importantly transfer the experiences of our members from one event into the next one. Through you, Sefa will finally be able to reach new heights when it comes to the quality and magnitude of our events!


  • Safeguarding the acquisition and marketing strategy of Sefa’s biggest career events
  • Streamline the chronology of all events
  • Transfer of knowledge and information between the biggest committees

Typical traits
Diligent, team player, strategic insight

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