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Sefa Research Project

After successfully conducting research in countries such as Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Chile and China, the destination of the Sefa Research Project 2019 will be India! The aim of the Sefa Research Project is to do tailor made research for companies with aspirations towards emerging economies at a cost-price. In the summer of 2019, a group of 16 highly motivated and talented students will fly to India for four weeks to conduct field research specified to the needs of the companies. Beforehand, the students need to acquire four companies that want research done in India. Afterwards the students will do desk research in The Netherlands and prepare themselves for field research with both academic and professional support. Highly-placed professors of the UvA will give the student consultants advice during the preparation and strategy consulting companies such as BCG and Deloitte will give trainings in implementing market research. The Sefa Research Project itself consists of an organisational committee, 10 student consultants and 2 Sefa supervisors.

The Research Project consists of four consecutive phases:

  • Phase 1: Acquisition (November to May): First we have to look for appropriate companies who are interested in the project. We will get in touch with the company and provide them with information. Company visits will follow and after an agreement we will write a research proposal for them.
  • Phase 2: Desk Research (May to July): If the research proposal is approved, the desk research starts. We will gather all necessary information about the company and the destination, so that the field research in India can be as efficient and concise as possible.
  • Phase 3: Field Research (in July and August): Once in India, we will execute the research for the company. We will work on location 40 hours per week for four weeks to carry out the fieldwork. Meanwhile, we will keep the company informed of significant developments.
  • Phase 4: Reporting (September or October): When we are back in the Netherlands, our team will write a report/presentation. This report will be handed over to the company or the presentation will be given.

What can I learn as a Student Consultant?

As a Student Consultant of the Sefa Research Project you will learn how to do acquisition, how to conduct a full consultancy project and how to do business in a different culture. You will definitely develop your teamwork skills and get personalised consultancy training from some of the biggest consultants in the Netherlands.


Karin van Egmond – Chairman Sefa Research Project 2017-2018
“After twelve successful editions, we will organize the thirteenth edition of the Sefa Research Project. This year the project focuses on a unique economy: Argentina. In the summer of 2018, sixteen highly motivated students will function as consultants and travel to Argentina to conduct research for Dutch companies. For the students, who will receive training by professional consultants such as Deloitte and Boston Consulting Group, it is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable international consultancy experience and an experience they will never forget! I have learnt how to lead a team of this.”