Board 2019/2020

Naomie van Dongen


Main sponsors

Naomie van Dongen

Age: 24
Study: BSc. Business Administration

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Active Members Events
  • International Development Project
  • International Week
  • TEDxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam
  • Sefa Store Committee

About Me

Right before the start of my first year at the university I became a member of Sefa and I joined the introduction camp! I really enjoyed meeting new people, but I really became ‘active’ 3 years later, when I joined the 98th Sefa board. In the meantime, I worked at the Amsterdam Business School as a Student-Assistant where I gained organizational skills by organizing large events for 500 students!

After my first year I decided to do the Business Administration track and I discovered my interest in marketing. I’m really intrigued by human behavior and new technologies; marketing brings these two together. So, why the secretary position you might ask? Before my board year at Sefa, I did a committee in which we organized a recruitment event for marketing students. I was the secretary/treasurer and it was a lot of fun! I learned how to keep the financial position and administration organized.

After 1,5 years of working for the university, I was searching for a bigger challenge and therefore I applied for a position within the Sefa board. I’m looking forward to meet you all, feel free to stop by the office at E0.02!

Task Description

  • Responsible for the formal expression of the association
  • Initiating new strategic investments
  • Making sure the statuses and internal regulations are being followed
  • Keeping the administration of members up-to-date
  • Responsible for the board and members office
  • Maintain a positive relationship with employees of the faculty
  • Support board and active members
  • Responsible for the Sefa Store

Contact information:

Send a message to:
or WhatsApp: + 31 6 14758818