Board 2019/2020

Nino Kriz


Main sponsors

Nino Kriz

Age: 24
Study: Economics & Business Economics (BSc): Finance & Organization (Track)

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Room for Discussion
  • Career Week
  • Skillsweek
  • Sefa Study Trip
  • Member Council
  • List Sefa
  • Alumni

About me

I first became active within Sefa as a freshman, developing my organizational and teamworking skills by organizing a weekend for our committee members. During this committee period, I quickly became part of the warm community of Sefa.

In the following year, I stepped up a notch by organizing the Sefa Study Trip to Cape Town, South Africa. The year after, I expanded the event portfolio of Sefa by introducing Sefa Investment Day. This event has proved to be a great success and has been growing ever since.

Last year, I finished my bachelor in Economics & Business with a semester in Paris. While in Paris, I studied cross-cultural communication and management which already has been of great use when supervising our committees full of international students.

I’m looking forward to contributing more to the enrichment of our students’ lives and to support their journey at our university during my board year.

Task Description

  • Organizing and chairing all board and general meetings
  • Safeguarding strategic policy goals during the daily routine
  • Communicating extensively within the board, with the university, with other study associations, with the FSR and with Sefa’s supervisory board
  • Acting as the face of Sefa towards outside parties
  • Financial audit

Contact information:

Send a message to:
or WhatsApp: + 31 6 24234821