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Master Career Club – E-assessment Training

Ace your e-assessment

On Jan. 14th, we will have our first event in 2019! We invite Careerstarter for an E-assessment training.

The Careerstarter E-assessment Introduction training explains the workings of e-assessments in job application procedures. These tests are often used by large companies as part of their application procedure.

Careerstarter specializes in preparation for these tests. During this training 3 important e-assessment subjects are discussed by doing 2 tests, explaining the theory on how to solve the questions and a strategy for optimizing your score. For most people, just a few hours per subject will significantly increase performance, but even during this short training, most participants will experience an improved result.

All the participants will get a free trial at the website as well! This event is available for all master students from the business school! Join us if you want to improve your interview skills! More information can be found on, and of course also during the training!

Note: this event is open to all master students and a (free) Sefa account is required to register.