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MCC Finance Day

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Master Career Club of Sefa is proud to present Finance Day 2023

This event is organized for all BA/BE Master’s students with an ambition towards the world of finance.
Through a combination of formal and informal sessions, we are here to open up the possibility for you students to make meaningful connections with recruiters and experienced professionals in the field of Finance. Moreover, this is a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into M&As, trading, investment banking, and wealth management.

STX Group

STX Commodities is a leading Environmental Commodities trader and provider of Climate Solutions.
With its trading and Corporate Climate Solutions offering, STX ensures directly and indirectly that money goes to the hundreds and thousands of projects that make the world a greener place, while providing corporations with the certified proof points of their contributions to environmental progress. STX Group supports international corporations and governments to achieve their sustainability goals.

The activity:

What will you do during the barista workshop?

During the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to practice making latte art and also to taste various coffees from an Amsterdam-based coffee roastery. In the meantime, you’ll have engaging conversations with professionals from STX Group during which you’ll learn what it takes to be a trader of environmental commodities and how the company helps to decarbonize the global economy.
If you are keen to learn how you can contribute to the decarbonization of the global economy, come and join us at the STX Barista Workshop to explore your future opportunities!


The schedule for the day is:

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Ps. All master’s students from the UvA Economics and Business faculty are welcome.

We are beyond excited to see you there!

Note: you can sign up for any amount of events