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Room for Discussion: Muhamad Chahrour (CEO DeGiro)

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With Covid as our new reality and while we were all stuck inside, many of us found a new hobby: investing. The craze surrounding GameStop and “meme stocks” was one we had not seen before!

During these uniquely uncertain times, DeGiro became one of the most popular amateur investment platforms, luring many of us with their low rates.
But do we, as amateurs, play on a level playing field against the big Wall Street firms? How well do we know the company we trust with our money and investments? DeGiro was fined by the Dutch Financial Markets Authority, moved to Germany, and is now confronted with a new reality of amateur investors losing interest, combined with increasing interest rates to combat inflation…

We’ll cover these challenges, and disruptive innovations, and much more in our interview with the CEO of DeGiro, Muhammad Chahrour!

See you all at the E-hall at the Roeterseiland Campus of the UvA, the 20th of June, at 13:00