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Room for Discussion: Rutger Bregman

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Room for Discussion’s next big guest has authored two international bestsellers, has gone viral after taking on the wealthy at Davos and has been hailed as the “Dutch Wunderkind of new ideas” by the Guardian.

Rutger Bregman studied History in Utrecht and Los Angeles, and has been writing ever since he graduated 10 years ago. His first book “Utopia for Realists” is a collection of radical ideas for life in the 21st century. Bregman advocates for a universal basic income, a 15 hour working week and an end to borders.

We have invited him to to Room for Discussion to discuss ideas from his newest book, “Humankind”, a New York Times Bestseller. Using scientific evidence from many fields, Bregman argues that at the end of the day, most people are decent.

We want to discuss with him whether that is really true. We will look at the dividing lines that cut our society into camps of “good” and “bad”, “us” and “them”, and consider ways to overcome these differences. We will also address the most existential challenges we face as a generation, from climate change to artificial intelligence and the question: what will life be like in 50 years?

Come watch Rutger Bregman speak live!

Rutger Bregman: We want to believe you, but we have some questions

When? February 28th 13:00-14:00
Interviewers: Gabriel Garbers & Martyna Burylo