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Room for Discussion: The new powers of power – the geopolitics of renewable energy

The major players in the sourcing and distribution of energy have been stable for the past decades; however, with the current transition in the world of energy, the shift from fossil fuels to renewables, the countries in power will change as well. The questions then arise, what countries will take the lead in the producing of sustainable energy? Will the transition be an equalising force or will power simply shift from one state to another?

Geopolitics have to do with the natural resources within a country. In traditional energy, this relates to the availability of fossil fuels. Countries with more fossil fuels will have power over the ones that do not. In a renewable world, what will the geopolitical landscape look like? Fossil fuels will not be the main source of geopolitical power anymore, but possibly other natural resources will take their place. What will this shift entail?

The two guests for this session are doctor Jan Frederik Braun and doctor and assistant professor Daniel Scholten.

Daniel Scholten is Assistant Professor at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He specializes in the geopolitics of renewables and the governance of renewable energy systems. He is also member of the education committee of the TB bachelor.

Jan Braun is a Strategic Analyst at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. His research focuses on international energy markets, climate policies as well as the strategic consequences, risks and opportunities for state and non-state actors in the global energy transition.

On the 18th of June, we are honoured to have these two guests sharing their expertise on the subject live on our stage.