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SCW – Boer & Croon Presentation

Finance and Technology Presentation

Boer & Croon is a management agency with decades of experience in leadership, change, and training young top talent. People are central to all our work. That is why a lot is invested in close networks, development programs, and collaboration. Boer & Croon offers Interim, Executive Search, Young Executive, and consultancy solutions to a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors.

Within Boer & Croon, the Finance & Technology team is a strategic partner for CFO’s, CTO’s and CIO’s. We guide organizations in setting up a future-proof organization. We do this by identifying opportunities for improvement, supporting the operational team, redesigning processes, and implementing new ways of working. As examples you can think of: transform organizations to work more data driven, optimize the planning & control cycles or redefining the IT-strategy and creating a strategic IT design and roadmap. All Finance & Technology consultants follow an extensive training curriculum in finance, data, and/or IT.

At our presentation we look forward to going into further detail regarding our mission as a firm and the career prospects we offer to students. Students can take this opportunity to seek a specialized career path within our company and further to that look into a specific field of work.