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Sefa Borrelmaand – Online Beerpong Tournament

Are you ready for the most exciting tournament of the year? While we are stuck inside our homes and we, as students, are searching for some stimulus to get us through the coming winter, Sefa is happy to announce its first borrelmaand event for our members, namely: online beerpong! The most exciting tournament of the year will be transformed into a completely corona proof online beerpong.

As always drinks are on us and you can form a team up to 4 people or play individually. Each team should find a home where you can play and join us through zoom and play against your opponents. There will be pickup points where you can pick up the beers beforehand. The exact location will be announced later.

More instructions and rules will be send when you sign up!

Note: Only one of the team members needs to apply. You can apply with your team on the right side of the page at ‘GET A TICKET’!

If you would like to play in a team but don’t have one, please leave your information below and we might be able to match you up!