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Sefa Study Trip

Last year, the study trip took us to Vancouver, Canada. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and deep blue sea, Vancouver is a vibrant city famous for its beauty of nature and cultural values but also for its important economic center. The city features colorful downtown neighborhoods, culturally diverse suburbs as well as quick and easy access to majestic mountains and rainforests.

It also has a popular entertainment district with a high concentration of pubs, café’s and bars which contribute to the exuberant atmosphere. On top of this, Vancouver is the headquarter for most financial institutions and international trade in Canada, generating enormous economic growth in the past years. The Canadian economy is expanding rapidly, in which Vancouver is an important host for start-ups in vast economic sectors.

This was an unforgettable trip with a 9-day program including interactive company visits, outdoor activities and club nights.

Participating companies were: Accenture, EA Sports, EY, Fernandez Young, University of British Columbia, Nature Trust, TeamFit, Predictable Revenue

Information on this year’s Study Trip will be posted soon!